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Pet Grooming Tips

Madame Pompador's Best Grooming Tips

We will try to help our customers with new information we can read about or gained over the years. Lots of our customers have problems with their dogs from dry skin to behavior problems. Our only goal is to help.

You may find these other grooming tips useful:

Brushing Teeth

Training a pet to let you brush their teeth requires patience and persistence. Begin by using your finger without any toothpaste and get your dog used to the idea of someone lifting their lips, rubbing their teeth and general mouth handling. Pretend your finger is the toothbrush and go through all the motions of brushing the teeth, paying particular attention to the gum line, where tartar builds up. Start slowly with maybe just a few seconds, gradually increasing the time you spend in the dog's mouth.


Dry Skin

If your dog has a case of cold-weather dry skin, they may need regular brushing to stimulate oil glands and remove shedded fur.

Another option for dry skin: Add a touch of fish oil with Omega 3 and 6 to your dog's diet.


Cat's Nails

To clip a cat's nails, use a stainless steel scissor-like nail cutter, and try to trim the nails before you give the cat a bath. Get your kitten used to nail trimming at an early age, so you won't have problems trimming its nails as an adult. To trim an adult cat's nails, start with two or three, and see how your cat fares. If your cat decides it's had enough, stop there and resume nail trimming at a later time.


Calmer Bath Time

Getting your dog to tolerate, and even enjoy, bath time requires patience. Try these tips in the next several weeks:

  • Walk your dog around the house on his leash. This will disassociate the leash from bathing.
  • Sit on the floor of the bathroom with the door closed and play with your dog, then get up and leave without over-reacting.
  • A few weeks in, pick him up and put him in the tub and hold him there for a few seconds. If you notice he relaxes, such as letting out a big sigh, then praise, give a treat and take him out.
  • After a few sessions, add water.