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Pet Grooming Services


Individual services

Nail clipping small pets 10 dollars large pets 15 dollars
Anal gland express 10 dollars
Ear cleaning 10 dollars
Aloe vera treatment 5 dollars
De-shed treatment 15-25 extra (animal must be mulching or severely shedding)

Madame pompadors  is here to pamper your pets  we have a large variety  of shampoos and conditioners  from regular  to specialty baths we also have medicated for those itchy  pets.

Regular baths

Wild berry: natural all purpose shampoo with a berry scent 
Green groom: all natural biodegradable made for all pets with a melon scent  
Odor eliminator: cleans and conditions removes all odors from pets 
Griminator: deep cleaning and conditioning  shampoo for all pets

Medicated shampoos

Don't-B-itchen: shea balm extract and mint added to oatmeal and aloe vera extract to stop it itching 
Oatmeal: natural colloidal oatmeal to sooth and moisturize dry itchy flaky skin
DandRuff: all natural remedy for fighting flaky skin at the source 

Special shampoo

Alpha white:  deep cleaning and conditioning  to keep white pets there whitest 
One step silky: shampoo and conditioner all in one 

Flea treatments

Adams flea shampoo: kills fleas,ticks, lice, flea larvy, flea eggs  safe for all pets over 12 weeks old 

Adams dip: a solution which remains on the pet that kills fleas and ticks 

Furminator treatment

3 step process 
Shampoo: a non-irritation non-drying hypo allerallergenic shampoo enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to protect against  excess shedding 
Conditioner: is a non-irritation non-drying hypoallergenic  conditioner enriched with oatmeal vitamins and aloe Vera to help strengthen hair shafts and release undercoat 
Special tool: sharp blade designed to remove all dead hair leaving be hide a healthy coat 

Aloe vera treatment

We grow our own aloe vera plant on location which are cut fresh and blended fresh that day and applied to your pet after the bath to help sooth pets skin and soften pets hair 

At madame pompadors our grooming consists of a nice relaxing bath with a mini massage to fully pamper your pet. When it comes to grooming they receive a full body brush out, the hair cut, the nails get cut and filed, we remove ear hair and clean the ear canal. Here at madame pompadors we like to put bows and Purfume to finish the look and the pets love it. They know when the bows come it's almost time to go home 

Our service includes the following for *hair cuts* they receive a bath brushing of the coat, clipping of the hair, the nails cut, there ears get clean and ear hair removed, their anal gland expressed, sanitary cut, bows and Purfume 

Service included on a *bath* 
Bath, brushing of the coat clipping of the nails anal gland express bows and Purfume

All prices subject  to size and conditions of pets all matted and or aggressive animals are charged accordingly